Let’s Act on February 4th!

We’ve known all along that when the new Republican-controlled Congress convened, they’d make it a top priority to attack the Clean Water Rule. And on February 4th, they plan to do just that. The Senate leadership is planning a Joint Hearing of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee with the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee to discuss the Clean Water Rule.

We know that Senator Inhofe, the Chairman of the committee, is prepared to use all of his power to destroy the rule. So, he’ll be sure to make sure that the voices of the industrial agriculture and development communities are well represented.  The hearing is to set the stage for votes in the House and Senate to kill the rule.

We can’t let that happen.  To successfully defend this rule all the way to the finish line, the media and our members of Congress need to hear that the public wants protections for our waterways.  At Clean Water Network, we can bring a whole lot of public support to the table.  If our 100+ groups, mobilize all our members and volunteers, we can drown out the voices calling this rulemaking the “biggest land grab in history” and show our leaders that this is about the waterways that we fish from, swim in, and drink from.

To start sounding the alarm, call your Senator today and urge them to make a public statement on February 4th firmly in favor of the proposed rule.

Clean Water Network will be hosting a conference call to give more background on the hearing and to tell you what other actions you can take to defend the Clean Water Rule.