Our Senators and Representatives spoke out for Clean Water on February 4th!

On February 4th, the Senate Environment and Public Works committee and the House Transportation and Infrastructure committee held a joint hearing on the EPA’s clean water rule. Knowing that this hearing is part of an effort by polluters’ allies in Congress to kill the rulemaking, we mobilized to push back and defend it.

We made calls to our Senators’ and Representatives’ offices, asking them to speak out in support of the rule, and as a result got the following members of Congress to go on the record in defense of clean water.

Senators Boxer, Cardin, Merkley and Whitehouse all attended what promised to be a long and drawn out hearing to show their support. Those who have already spoken out in defense of clean water include Senators Booker, Boxer, Cardin, Leahy, Markey, Menendez, Merkley, Murphy, Warren, and Whitehouse.

Here’s what they said:


  • Booker:
    • On Facebook: “We need to ‪#‎ProtectCleanWaterbecause nearly 50% New Jersey residents get their drinking water from sources that rely on headwater or seasonal streams.” And added a link to “Connectivity US Waters Fact Sheet”.
    • On twitter: “More than 800,000 Americans called on @EPA to #ProtectCleanWater. I am standing with them” (also entered Clean Water Action’s local resolutions and NJ local electeds letter into the public record.
  •  Boxer:
    • On twitter: “Defending our waterways from pollution used to be a bipartisan issue.”
  •  Cardin:
    • On twitter: “Hear you loud & clear @MaryPIRG, I’ll always fight #4CleanWater and do all I can to #SaveTheBay.”
    • On twitter: “It won’t matter what job or degree you have if you…can’t drink the water”
  •  Leahy:
    • On twitter: “It’s time to #ProtectCleanWater for all Americans, not to attack @EPA for doing what’s right for Americans by enforcing the Clean Water Act”
  •  Markey:
    • On twitter: “I believe Massachusetts deserves clean water. I agree w #cleanwater tweeters — Congress should let @EPA #ProtectCleanWater”
  •  Merkley:
    • On twitter: I stand today with those who are supporting @EPA’s work to #ProtectCleanWater and also protect our family farms.
    • On twitter: “Whether it’s fishing, swimming, growing amazing food, or brewing our delicious beer, Oregon depends on #cleanwater for our way of life.”
  •  Menendez:
    • On twitter: FYI – I’m FOR @EPA’s rule closing #CleanWater Act loopholes. New Jerseyans shouldn’t have to worry abt pollution in their drinking water.
  •  Murphy:
    • On twitter: The Clean Water Act has protected CT’s rivers & lakes for generations – I won’t support bills to roll it back #ProtectCleanWater
  •  Warren:
    • On twitter: Protecting waterways should be a bipartisan issue. We can’t let the GOP block the @EPA’s rule.
  • Whitehouse – Said at the hearing our waters need even more protection than EPA proposes, not less, that we need to deal with runoff pollution as well.
    • On twitter: .”@NRDCWater Thank YOU! I stand with lots of #RI’ers who agree we must #ProtectCleanWater.”



  • Eddie Bernice Johnson:  entered our local elected officials letters in to the record and
    • On twitter: “Ready to give remarks on the importance of clean water for Texans and the rest of the country! #ProtectCleanWater”
    • On twitter: Two Goals for the new #WOTUS rule you ought to know… 1) Protect Clean Water 2) Provide Regulatory Certainty
  • Carson:
    • On twitter: This am I attended a hearing on the #CleanWaterAct. I believe this rule will help protect water purity & don’t support the bill to block it
  • Cartwright – check out this awesome floor speech from Tuesday; this is a clean water champion.
    • On facebook: On March 25, 2014, the EPA proposed a rule to restore ‪#‎CleanWaterAct protections to thousands of streams and wetlands across the country. Unfortunately, a wide range of polluting industries have vested interests in keeping streams and wetlands exempt from the Clean Water Act.
  • Cummings:
    • On twitter: I’m asking the panel about how this rule will #ProtectCleanWater and restore the Chesapeake right now.
    • Has this great video on YouTube
    • On Facebook: The House Transportation and Infrastructure and Senate Energy and Public Works Committee will have a joint hearing today on the EPA’s Waters of the US (WOTUS) rules. Everyone relies on clean water, and as the home of the Chesapeake Bay, Marylanders know just how true that is. #ProtectCleanWater
  • Edwards:
    • On Twitter: 70% of MDers get their drinking water from sources that rely on headwater or seasonal streams. #ProtectCleanWater
  • Ellison:
  •  Esty:
    • On Twitter: Let the @EPA do its job & protect safe drinking water for 2.2 million #CT residents & 117 mil Americans #ProtectCleanWater #CleanWaterAct
  •  DeFazio:
    • On twitter: Making the case that #CleanWaterAct must protect water quality *and* provide regulatory certainty #ProtectCleanWater
  •  Norton:
    • On Twitter: “At joint House-Senate hearing trying to keep #CleanWaterAct from being dismembered by Republicans #ProtectCleanWater”
  • Huffman: chastised attacks against the rule at the hearing and posted the meme we sent him here https://twitter.com/RepHuffman/status/563054948867653632 and here https://www.facebook.com/RepHuffman/photos/a.243274549144694.1073741827.200227780116038/521645271307619/?type=1
  •  Nadler:
    • On Twitter: “#CleanWaterAct protects drinking water, critical habitats, and waterways vital for the economy. #ProtectCleanWater”
  • Napolitano: “We must do all we can to protect our precious #water resources; they are all we have #ProtectCleanWater” and
    • On twitter: Over 125 mil Americans (more than 1/3 of total pop.) rely on public drinking water systems that draw from surface waters #ProtectCleanWater
  •  Titus:
    • On Twitter: “At T&I hearing on #WOTUS to ensure S. NV has clean water. Impt. to get rule right for continued economic development & protect health”