Attacks on Clean Water Rule in Congress Continue

Despite the fact that 800,000 Americans have voiced their support for the EPA’s Clean Water Rule, members of the House of Representatives are still waging attacks on our nation’s streams and wetlands. There’s a rider in the Energy and Water Appropriations bill that would block the administration from protecting these waterways, and Rep. Shuster’s dirty water bill could come to the floor as soon as Friday May 1, 2015.

The rider would put our nation’s waterways and the drinking water for 1 in 3 Americans at risk by rolling back the EPA’s ability to restore protections to all of America’s waterways under the Clean Water Act.

The Shuster bill – HR 1734 or the RIP Act – would force the EPA to withdraw the clean water rule and start the process of restoring these protections over again from scratch, effectively killing the rule through delay while ignoring the 800,000 people who weighed in in support of the rule during the public comment period last year.

Call your member of Congress and urge them to vote against the RIP Act, and for any amendments to strike the dirty water rider from the Energy and Water Appropriations bill.