Sign-On Opportunity from American Whitewater

Hello fellow Clean Water Networkers,

I’m writing to see if you are interested in signing onto a group letter regarding some really bad hydropower legislation making its way through Congress. Unfortunately, our rivers are receiving attacks from a lot of different angles these days.

The proposed legislation essentially guts the tools in the Federal Power Act that citizens and state and federal agencies have used since 1986 to improve water quality and restore flows and recreation access to rivers impacted by private and municipal hydropower dams. Notably for those interested in the CWA, this includes stripping state agencies and tribes of their authority to place conditions on hydropower operations through 401 Water Quality Certifications.

We’re looking for organizations to sign onto a group letter to submit as testimony for a hearing that took place in the House last week. (See here.) You can see which groups have already signed on at the end of the letter.

We’re on a quick turnaround for the hearing record, unfortunately, and I’m asking folks to get back to me ( by the end of the day Thursday. Feel free to forward this message on to other organizations that might be interested in signing on.

Thanks for considering it, and don’t hesitate to be in touch if you have any questions.