The Basics of Field Organizing

To stand up to big, powerful polluters and special interests, we need strong grassroots power.  And to successfully build that power, you need to be strategic about how you run your campaign.

This is a training manual written for Clean Water Network members that covers the basic principles of developing a field plan for your campaign or organization to organize people at the grassroots level.

It walks through how to develop a goal and a  strategy, how to talk about your campaign in a way that resonates with and mobilizes your audience, and how to include tactics in your plan that implement your strategy.

One of the most common pitfalls of organizers and advocates is to forget to set a goal and strategy or to set a fuzzy goal and strategy. Secondly organizers and advocates often aren’t thoughtful about how the goal and strategy hangs together with the execution of your plan.

Use this manual to help you ensure that your campaign is strategic and will successfully build the power you need to win.