Western Reserve Land Conservancy doubles the size of the Hach-Otis Sanctuary

These days, it seems like all we hear about is how there are so many threats to our environment and not enough action to address them. To remind you that CLEAN WATER NETWORK members are making progress to protect their local watersheds all across the country, we’re sharing an impressive victory from the Western Reserve Land Conservancy!

On May 2nd, the Western Reserve Land Conservancy partnered with the Audubon Society of Greater Cleveland to acquire and preserve approximately 80.5 acres of land, which will be added to the Hach-Otis Sanctuary in Ohio. The land includes critical riparian and upland forest habitat along the river. It is now permanently preserved and free from threat of development and development-assisted runoff.

The Audobon Society has been working for over 30 years to expand the sanctuary, and the Land Conservancy began helping the effort in 2010. Additional partners include the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation’s Sustain Our Lakes Great Lakes program and the Clean Ohio Conservation Fund. There was also significant support from individual donors.

Congratulations to the Western Reserve Land Conservancy and its partners for their success!