Defending our Water- Resounding Public Comments Delivered to EPA

This week, Clean Water Network and the Environment America clean water team submitted 21,977 comments to the EPA in opposition to the proposed repeal of the Clean Water Rule, the culmination of a six-month open comment period the EPA conducted as part of its new rule-making process.

The results of the open comment period show the significant public support that continues to exist for clean water. People across the country want clean water that’s drinkable, fishable, and swimmable. That’s why, in addition to Environment America’s 21,000 comments, over 500,000 more comments were submitted in opposition to repeal. That’s also why 800,000 people across the country submitted public comments in favor of the Clean Water Rule when it was first passed.

Unfortunately, the proposed repeal of the Clean Water Rule will likely keep moving forward as the EPA continues to push a more restrictive interpretation of the Clean Water Act that is far more forgiving to polluters. But there remains much work to do to protect our waterways, from stopping dangerous riders in budget bills to making sure that the next budget fully funds the EPA and all of its water programs.