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Standing up for the streams, wetlands, and watersheds that we depend on, local watershed groups are the backbone of the clean water movement. Whether it’s supporting wildlife or fighting dead zones and runoff from factory farms, each of us is fighting our own local battles to keep the waterways we love clean and protected. But when our groups come together, we can have a united voice on critical national clean water decisions. We can learn from one another, grow the grassroots support for clean water, and take on challenges more effectively.

Become a Clean Water Network Member

With Clean Water Network, your organization has the opportunity to be a part of this coordinated voice.  You’ll get briefings, resources, timely updates, and even template materials to help you stay engaged and take action on key clean water issues.

Get More Involved

If your organization is looking to play a larger role, you can join a workgroup to help rally the Network around a key issue, participate in trainings to build your skills as an advocate, or connect with your colleagues by joining regional meet-ups. You can suggest topics for monthly informational briefings, share your local successes with allies, and receive technical assistance from experts.

Upcoming Plans

As we grow the Network and its resources, we’ll be able to do even more—including hosting a Washington, D.C. fly-in and providing our members with grants to expand their work on national clean water issues.

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